Fitness for You!

” a nine story tower begins as a heap of dirt

a thousand mile journey begins with a single step”

    ~Tao Te Ching


My philosophy is simple, start small. Build a foundation of fitness and from there you can be whatever you want. A fact I feel gets overlooked and ignored is that you can only progress at a certain rate. Working harder, faster or more intense, especially in the beginning, will only slow your progress. You lose form by increasing weight or reps outside your ability. This is actually damaging to your fitness, not improving it. After a workout you should feel good; your body and joints loose and free; your breaths long, deep and controlled.  Occasionally you will want a workout that “kicks your butt” or do a set of exercises where you “feel the burn”, but occasionally.

Another key point to my training philosophy is to only do what you can do. This is the recovery aspect of training. By overworking we increase our recovery time/intensity. Your body can only recover at a certain rate. For most people physical training isn’t their life, it’s maintenance. By keeping the intensity and training volume at about 50-60% of youre potential we maximize the effectiveness of training while minimizing the recovery needed. Recovery is just as important as nutrition and exercise. When the body gets overworked it needs a proportionate amount of recovery. I’m not just talking about sore and painful muscles. Overtraining causes excessive fatigue, moodiness, poor sleep, slouchy postures, and pretty much all the symptoms we’re trying to alleviate through exercise.

In a nut shell my philosophy simply stated is this; start small, have fun, finish strong!